Candle Dark and River Dark

9th January 2022

At last, a kind person at Amazon Seattle has restored my KDP account and I am able to have my books back online. I now have Candle Dark online as a Kindle and Paperback, more books to follow. Please notice that my fantasy adventure, set at halloween, called Thin Time, now has the new title, In the D...

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Class 3 Drama Class

5th November 2021

The children of Birkwood Primary School have been learning about the local mines for their environmental studies, about the disasters that happened, and have been experiencing what it was like to work in a mine in their drama class. Well done, Mrs. Wilkie's Class!     ...

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Class 3 Butterflies – Birkwood Primary School

31st October 2021

Class 3 have been reading Candle Dark and their teacher, Mrs. Wilkie, has kindly sent me lovely photographs of some of the children. Thank you so much.   For their art work, they have the used the cover illustration and experimented with a different style of painting 'wet on wet' ...

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New Book Title

17th October 2021

Thin Time, my Halloween adventure, was not popular because of its title, although it is an exciting adventure. I shall have it reprinted with the title In the Snake-Dragon’s Claws.  At Halloween, in the Shropshire village of Tong, a bad tempered dog called Fymm, who is many centuries old, ma...

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Making progress

15th October 2021

Hello again, as full time carer I have not been able to continue with my writing as often as I would like, but problem solved. I have moved my desktop iMac into another room that so that I can work and still keep my husband company. So as Mr. Ollivander said to Harry Potter, 'expect great things.....

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A long time ago…

5th October 2021

Such a long time since the regular posting, but beginning to write again and hoping for a productive winter #amwriting...

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Thin Time – Book One – Taskbearer Series

21st July 2020

That reminds me, must have Thin Time reprinted, first book with a girl hero. At a book signing I was asked by a group of girls why I always had a boy as hero. I must write another in the series.  This time it will be a story set in today's world, rather than in Norse mythology, I think. Will have ...

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Tuesday 21st. July

 Another day ahead, the final edit of River Dark. Working from page 86, only a hundred more pages to go... ...

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Monday 20th July

20th July 2020

Nearly midnight, just spent eight hours on the final edit of River Dark and feeling very tired. But shall have to continue tomorrow if I am to send to the printer on time. Spent most of the day on the chapter The Fairground Entertainers, just couldn't get it right, but feel content with it now, th...

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River Dark – Book 2 – Ironbridge Gorge Series

18th July 2020

Available on this website at the end of August.  ...

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