About the Author

After banking with The Standard Bank of South Africa, I returned to England and worked as a primary teacher. Then following early retirement there have been many careers, all of which provided me with the experiences to be a writer. There was fun creating papier-mache sculptures and selling into Europe, becoming a professional actress, and then studying for two years to become a minister in the Church of England. But becoming a writer has been a wonderful experience too.
The decision to write for children was due to the happy years teaching story and poetry writing to primary children, reading novels and poetry to them at story time, and this led me to the writing of my own adventure stories which I hope you will find exciting. It was when I had written my third book that I realised I was writing the sort of stories I had wanted in my own classroom. Books about the lives of children who lived many years ago, in places that my classes visited on our environmental study trips. Other teachers then found the books a useful addition to their study work and many schools have them in their classrooms. But they are really exciting adventures, and I hope you will enjoy reading them. I intend to finish River Dark soon, sequel to Candle Dark, after I have finished the Masters degree in Creative Writing in October.

Happy Reading, Carole Anne Carr.