(the Mslexia diary and planner it is an excellent tool for any writer with four headings and a day by day diary. I have not included the day by day diary in the present post, but may do in future if there is any learning that may be of interest to you)

August 20 – 25


Have organised the website so that it is easier to use. I am learning how to change the set pages my Grandson built for me. This is trial and error, but I am experimenting to find what works and what doesn’t and feel proud of myself when I successfully make changes to the layout. It gives a feeling of progress.

Not an Affirmation, more a failure. I should have known beforehand that it would fail. I’d hope that if I joined the Mslexia online Bootcamp it would increase my writing output, it was not for me. I should have known better.


To complete an entry for the Mslexia Novel Competition by September 17th. It is only 5000 words, but I have difficulty deciding on the beginning of my novels. This is the first attempt at writing fiction for adults and I’ve decided that the entry will be “Snakeskin and Failed Feathers.” 

I am also working out how to better use the website so that the Google search engine will find my posts and I’m experimenting with popular hashtags once again. 


Must return to the excellent blog of Emma Darwin ‘The Itch of Writing’  – author, teacher and great, great, granddaughter of Charles Darwin. Her posts on the subject of writing are brilliant and have helped so many when learning to write. 


(This heading is always difficult to fill in, being a writer and full time carer, but I always manage to find a blessing.)

I am grateful for… the ability to continue writing, the enjoyment of creation in whatever form, and the pleasure of reading and writing poetry.