It will soon be Halloween again, reminding me of my book set at that time of year and of the girls who questioned me at a book signing in Bamburgh Castle and said, ‘Why do you always have boy heroes?”

So my book ‘In the Snake-Dragon’s Claws’ was my answer. It has a girl heroine and one day I hope that I shall write a sequel. I have already plotted it and it would be exciting to write, but there is so much to do on my series for adults and with my daily caring duties. You may have come across this Halloween book as I published it a long time ago under the title, ‘Thin Time’. But this title did not suit the exciting story. And few people knew that Thin Time is the time when the veil between Our World we live in, and the Other World, is thin enough to pass through. And as Halloween is soon to happen yet again, I thought I would post snippets from the book, just for fun. I do hope you will take a look at this story as it unfolds, enjoy it yourself, or share the fun and scary bits with your children. And for those of you who live in Shropshire, it is set in that county in the village of Tong.