Patricia Kennington, TSSF, Ph.D., Spiritual Director – Amazon Reviewer

5 out of 5 stars Poetry and Reconciliation. Kaleidoscope’ by Carole Anne Carr, is a story of child-woman growing into woman-child. Her shared lyrics become a vehicle to convey dreams, memories, hopes, and desires for “the more.” Through her poems, Carole invites us to relive and feel both the clarity and confusion of moving from child to adult. Her poetry encourages us to re-experience the poignant and the painful, self-realisation, and the recognition of human failure. We return to past decisions, joys, failures, and the anguish of being alive and moving on. We remember with more than mental thoughts, pictures and sounds. We remember with our feelings and our body sensations. This is the human energy that is tapped by Carole Carr in her collections of poems which well up within us. In Kaleidoscope, We read her words and simultaneously experience moments in our own lives that bring forth poignant, sad, and joyful “puffs” of unity with the images in her poems. In Carole’s reflections as a poet, we are brought to awareness of the recent and far past in our lives to savour, to mourn, to celebrate.