River Dark

COMING SOON – Book Two, Ironbridge Gorge Series.

Joshua’s one chance of finding work at the stables comes to a horrible end when the head groom at the hall accuses him of causing the riding accident to Sir Edmund Atterley. Unable to prove his innocence, and about to be arrested, Joshua runs away and searches for the one person who might be able to save him from prison, his best friend Sam, first mate on the Severn trow, the Emily Grey.

Accompanied by Matt the stable lad, the servant girl Daisy, a small boy he thinks is a ghost, and a runaway dog called Rags, Joshua follows the River Severn looking for Sam, and after facing many dangers, finds the Emily Grey stolen and in danger of sinking.

At the risk of his own life, and desperate to find out what has happened to his missing family, he returns to Coalport, unaware that the groom from the Atterley stables is still hunting for him. With a homecoming more dangerous than he ever imagined, Joshua uncovers a dark secret and must make a decision that will change his life forever.

Coming Soon!

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