Chapter Thirteen

7th November 2014

In the shafts of sunlight from the small windows high above my head, I saw motes of hay dance and whirl around me, and despite my fear of Crake, I began to feel life in the stables wouldn’t be so bad after all.   Eager not to miss any of the new marvels,  I proudly led Thunder between the rows ...

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Preparing for a Christmas Reading.

I miss no longer being an actress, and now preparing for a Christmas Reading, Walter de la Mare, enables me to act and raid the magical dressing up box! Now to learn the reading by heart, so muck better than having one's head stuck in a book and not seeing the audience. Hope there's many children. F...

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The Green Lady

5th November 2014

I was called to serve the Green Lady, long before time began. She likes to think of me as her servant, but this in not true. Let her try to solve the problems of this world without me - it would be impossible. Yes, I do make mistakes, for example, I chose the wrong girl to be task bearer, but that w...

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Who Am I?

I am Fymm, and although the girl Alice tells my story, very soon I shall be able to tell the story in the correct way, for she never fully understands what is happening, for she hasn't lived long enough. How old am I? I'm over four hundred years old, I think, but I can't be sure. For most of this ...

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How it all began

2nd November 2014

It will soon be thin time, or as it is known in your world - Halloween - and I have been waiting for my summons from the Green Lady. I made a terrible mistake last year. You may know that last year I chose the wrong girl to be task bearer, but whether she shall be chosen again is not up to me. I sha...

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Albrighton Hall Hotel Gift Fair

Preparing for a book signing at Albrighton Hall Hotel near Shrewsbury tomorrow. Photograph is a little lopsided, cramped in my study, surrounded by Christmas decorations that had to be moved to reach the display boards, does not make for perfect photography. Found a length of 'hedgerow with berries...

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My Papier-Mâché and Albrighton Hall

31st October 2014

Have a Norwegian head dress for the Gift Fair at Albrighton Hall Hotel on Monday 3rd November.  Fir and mistletoe. Must collect it from the local florist. Didn't have sufficient time to make one for myself. But I'm enjoying the break from writing my children's books, hoping to complete some more pa...

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Ironbridge Gorge

Reduced prices – Kindle eBooks

28th October 2014

About to publish River Dark Book 2 - Ironbridge Gorge Series at the end of November.Book 1 reduced price on Kindle....

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Soon to add my books for 4-5+ age to Kindle. Books for older children, and my poetry book,  now available at lower prices....

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Surviving At Dudmaston

27th October 2014

Reading Halloween Stories through the Smoke! First of all a very big thank you to Kate and Zoe for making my author visit to Dudmaston not only bearable but survivable. And thank you to the lovely children and parents who eventually found me and were such a marvellous audience and also surviv...

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