Ironbridge Gorge

River Dark

3rd May 2020

Chapter One - A Terrible Enemy If I’d known they would hunt me down like a criminal, I’d have turned away from Atterley Hall the moment I heard that horrible screaming. But this was the first day of my new life. I wasn’t giving up now. As the pale autumn sunlight broke through the early ...

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Keeping Safe!

25th March 2020

I do hope anyone reading this is well and safe and have all you need. Husband is reading and constantly ordering more books ???? and I am writing and editing in every spare moment. My Anglo-Saxon book First Wolf now online as a Kindle - others to follow. Sadly I have not been able to send paperback ...

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Kindles and Paperbacks and Keeping Safe.

24th March 2020

Hello, I do hope you are all keeping safe? As we are no longer able to live our usual lives,  I am using this time indoors to write. Not that I spend much time outdoors, for I look after my disabled husband, but now I have more time than ever. At the moment I am turning my books into Kind...

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Creative Writing

27th January 2020

Today, I’ve begun a local creative group. Lovely to share the enjoyment of books and writing with others. We are in good company with A.A. Milne, Laurie Lee, and Miss Read.  Books can be such a solitary occupation and it is great to exchange ideas. I’m hoping that some of the group will write p...

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Pooh Bear

18th January 2020

It’s Winnie the Pooh Day! Hoping you have happy memories of Pooh Bear's adventures, as I do. One of my favourites is when Tigger came to breakfast.  ...

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Trauma Teddy

21st November 2019

Another Trauma Teddy completed. Fun making them into different characters. Should be writing! ...

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Trauma Teddies

18th November 2019

Just completed my first Trauma Teddy for ambulance crews. Made some mistakes, but shall learn as I go along. I’ve been told that I’ve knitted him in Shrewsbury Town football club colours! Never mind, there might be some children who are fans of the team ?...

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30th October 2019

About to plunge into Nanowrimo again this year as BetjemansChurchmouse... never learn. Shall be working on my book for adults Snakeskin and Failed Feathers. #snakeskinandfailedfeathers ...

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20th October 2019

Yes, it’s my own fault. Having completed another children’s book, River Dark, and having decided upon the cover, I then determined not to self-publish and to begin sending out to agents to read. And yes, it is a sequel, although written as a stand-alone, which handicaps the poor thing from the s...

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Responsibility to Readers

9th October 2019

With the recent online posts, about how much writers read, it was interesting to hear what others thought on the subject of their reading. As I mainly write for children, apart from some short stories and poetry, I have always been aware of the message my writing is giving to those who read my books...

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