30th October 2019

About to plunge into Nanowrimo again this year as BetjemansChurchmouse... never learn. Shall be working on my book for adults Snakeskin and Failed Feathers. #snakeskinandfailedfeathers ...

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20th October 2019

Yes, it’s my own fault. Having completed another children’s book, River Dark, and having decided upon the cover, I then determined not to self-publish and to begin sending out to agents to read. And yes, it is a sequel, although written as a stand-alone, which handicaps the poor thing from the s...

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Responsibility to Readers

9th October 2019

With the recent online posts, about how much writers read, it was interesting to hear what others thought on the subject of their reading. As I mainly write for children, apart from some short stories and poetry, I have always been aware of the message my writing is giving to those who read my books...

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Perils of the Synopsis

26th September 2019

One of the lesser pleasures of sending a book out to an agent, I discover, is the necessity of completing a covering letter and synopsis. The easier bit, in comparison, is the book writing. I have now reduced the synopsis to six hand-written pages. Thinking this might be less when typed, I then reme...

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Ironbridge Gorge

River Dark Complete, Writing Snakeskin and Failed Feathers

11th September 2019

  Finally completed the editing of River Dark. Now to complete a synopsis, send it out, and begin the book for adults, Snakeskin and Failed Feathers.  A great challenge, but looking forward to this. Unfortunately, River Dark is a sequel to Candle Dark, therefore not of great interest to ...

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First Wolf

10th September 2019

A Dangerous Hearth Lord It was my twelfth year of life when my father Godwin hurled the wolf’s head at the mighty Eorl Uhtred, bringing my childhood to a violent end. The cold woke me early on that terrible day. My three-year-old brother Rinan, curled up like a dormouse beside me, had ta...

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Thin Time, it’s Halloween!

26th August 2019

Thin Time, it's Halloween! (continued)  At the word Fymm, the dog sat up, his velvety-brown eyes shining in the firelight.  His short tail thumped on the paving, and from the shadows strode the tallest and strangest woman I had ever seen. The tangled wreath of ivy on her wild green hair...

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Soon be Halloween!

21st August 2019

Thin Time  Weird Things Begin to Happen - Chapter One (continued from the previous post). If I’d gone straight home from school it wouldn’t have happened, but after my mum died, and my dad married again, home wasn’t the same any more.  Now I had a stepmother and a five-year-old stepbr...

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Soon be Halloween!

20th August 2019

The beginning of my spooky book set in Shropshire. It is THIN TIME! The night when the veil is so thin that you can pass between the worlds... Alice is chosen by mistake to be Task Bearer by Fymm, a bad tempered tomb dog who is five hundred years old. She must bring back the New Year seeds to pre...

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National Poetry Month

30th April 2018

Thinking to talk about poetry on the last day of the National Poetry Month, I thought I'd mention my small book of poetry, the poems gathered together from those I had read on BBC North West, some time ago. Kaleidoscope I cannot tell you how much I loved the poems – they really are absolute...

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