River Dark and Snakeskin and Failed Feathers

5th August 2018

So pleased that I am making such progress with ‘Snakeskin and Failed Feathers’, the O.U. book I’m writing, that I have a week free to complete most of the editing of my children’s book ‘River Dark’. Would be wonderful to finish it before Christmas! ...

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Beautiful weather, but still working…

7th May 2018

After my talk about my children's books to a group at The Coppice, Shrewsbury, I am busy writing another chapter of my book for adults set in Shrewsbury, working title, The Wool Monger's Wife, and the book for adults that I am working on for the Open University masters' degree already has a title, S...

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National Poetry Month

30th April 2018

Thinking to talk about poetry on the last day of the National Poetry Month, I thought I'd mention my small book of poetry, the poems gathered together from those I had read on BBC North West, some time ago. Kaleidoscope I cannot tell you how much I loved the poems – they really are absolute...

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Hundred End Press

29th April 2018

As a publisher, sometimes working as publisher for poetry groups wishing to publish a small collection, as I did with the Southport Group, I have decided to change the name I publish under to Hundred End Press. ...

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Fun with Folktales for the Open University!

14th February 2018

Having fun with this, might even finish this folktale 🙀 Block 3: Chapter 8: Metafiction and Intertextuality Use a text that has influenced your writing, (I’ve chosen Angela Carter, her gothic Fairy Stories), and produce an intertextual piece of 500–750 words using any of the techniques hi...

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Hard Work!

13th February 2018

It has been a long time since my last post. As full time carer, and working on my MA, I have sadly not had time to complete my children's books, but hope to do so eventually. I miss the people I created in the Ironbridge Gorge, and brave Tolland and Kendra in Ango-Saxon Northumbria, not to mention A...

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Final year of MA Open University

8th September 2017

An exciting time, final year of the M.A. with the Open University. It will entail completing five hours every day for as many time in the week as I can manage until next October. And I'm still trying to complete River Dark before the end of this October! One big decision - which book for adults to ...

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A New Blog for Writers

25th July 2017

Any Beginning Writers Out there, Looking for Publicity? I've been encouraged to return to blogging, after a two year gap, by the amazing Teresa Heath-Wareing, and it is also a requirement on the MA course I am taking. Julie Louise Phillips, a writer, has very kindly agreed to go first. http:/...

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Final Year MA

6th July 2017

Just received an email from the Open University with details of study for my final year for the Masters in Creative Writing. Looking forward to October when the work begins. Half way through the editing of River Dark! Shall be posting some of the book soon. Then I shall be looking forward to reading...

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River Dark Book Competition

30th June 2017

Visit my Facebook page The Cake and Custard Bookshop and click on Follow and enter my competition to win a copy of my next book River Dark. Look forward to seeing you there.  Key Stage 2  - Author Visit...

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