Any Beginning Writers Out there, Looking for Free Publicity?

25th July 2017

Any Beginning Writers Out there, Looking for Publicity? I've been encouraged to return to blogging, after a two year gap, by the amazing Teresa Heath-Wareing, and it is also a requirement on the MA course I am taking. Now I am looking for people who will help get this new venture of mine under wa...

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Final Year MA

6th July 2017

Just received an email from the Open University with details of study for my final year for the Masters in Creative Writing. Looking forward to October when the work begins. Half way through the editing of River Dark! Shall be posting some of the book soon. Then I shall be looking forward to reading...

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River Dark Book Competition

30th June 2017

Visit my Facebook page The Cake and Custard Bookshop and click on Follow and enter my competition to win a copy of my next book River Dark. Look forward to seeing you there.  Key Stage 2  - Author Visit...

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Paddington Bear

29th June 2017

Very sorry to read that Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington Bear is no longer with us. Sad that he will not see the film sequel to Paddington. It was so much fun....

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Publication of River Dark in October – Cake and Custard Bookshop

15th April 2017

Publication of River Dark in October. Available in my Cake and Custard Bookshop. Sequel to Candle Dark. I shall have a short book run of 50 copies, if interested, please let me know.  ...

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I had forgotten the book I published about Teaching Science in Primary Schools in the Early 20th Century

11th March 2017

Teaching Science in Primary Schools in the early 20th Century. I had forgotten writing this book, many years ago. It was part of my B.Ed degree. The subject was the problems teachers faced when teaching primary science at the turn of the 20th century, and I taped the teacher interviews for the boo...

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Have you subscribed to my newsletter about my new book releases?

5th March 2017

Have you subscribed to my newsletter about my new book releases? I shall be sending the newsletter out to subscribers next week, and if you would like to add your name and email address on the home page of this website it would be great to see you here. I am also hoping to have comments under each...

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Primary School Environmental Study KS2 the Victorians – Many schools using Candle Dark by Carole Anne Carr

3rd March 2017

Primary School Environmental Study KS2 Victorians. Many schools are using Carole Anne Carr's adventure story Candle Dark. Written for KS2, it is historically accurate, provides the detail about the lives of parents and children living at the time of the industrial revolution, and is an adventur...

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First Person Present Tense Story Telling

28th February 2017

[caption id="attachment_2688" align="alignright" width="300"] the Green Man in Thin Time, a Halloween story[/caption] My children's books are written in first person present tense. for example: I looked for Sam but I couldn't find him.   I find this way of writing easier that writing in...

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Candle Dark

Series of short books by Carole Anne Carr about characters you have met before

27th February 2017

[caption id="attachment_112" align="alignright" width="245"] series of short stories about the book characters[/caption] Series of short books, about one hundred pages long are to be written. These will be stories about characters you have met before. It would be fun to write a book about S...

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