‘In the Snake-Dragon’s Claws’ and other things…

10th June 2022

When I published the children’s book, ‘Thin Time’, there was little response because the title did not convey the exciting adventure within its pages. So, as I think the story will appeal to many more readers, I am republishing it with Amazon. It will have the title, ‘In the Snake-Dragon’s Claws’, and I think that will have more appeal. In the future, I aim to write another Task Bearer book, set in the time of the Roundheads and Cavaliers. The working title is ‘Cromwell’s Spy.’  This idea came from the fact that Cromwell’s men trained their cannon on the walls of Tong Church. You can find the cannon ball indentations when you looking for Fymm.

At Halloween, in the Shropshire village of Tong, a bad tempered dog called Fymm, who is many centuries old, makes a mistake and chooses Alice, the wrong girl to be Task Bearer. Chased by gargoyles, Alice reaches the Green Lady’s cottage, receives the first of her three gifts, and learns that she must enter the Other World at Thin Time. Her task is to bring back the New Year seeds before midnight, and prevent the world from dying. With her small stepbrother Thomas, Ratatosk the squirrel who can’t be trusted, and Fymm by her side, she sets out on her dangerous quest. Using the skipping rhyme password to enter the door into the Tree of Life, she travels into the Other World. With the help of the singing cockerel from Tong’s church tower, and armed only with a stone and a gargoyle’s shield, she must face the three terrible Sisters at the Well of Wyrd and the fury of Nidhogg the Snake-Dragon. But does she possess the one thing that will protect her – a loving heart? For without that, she will never be able to return to her own time, and the treasure, whatever it may be, will never be hers.

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