The Angry Wrekin Giant Story

…who gave the Badger, the Fox, and the Mole a Nasty Fright!

The badger, the fox and the mole are always quarreling. Then something terrible happens. An angry giant digs up their home in the woods. This is the Shropshire folktale called The Wrekin Giant and the Cobbler, re-told by the author and suitable for younger children.

In the story the animals beg the giant to leave them alone, but the giant is angry. He forgets to be kind to the poor creatures. He takes them on a very, bumpy journey through Shropshire.

The badger, the fox and the mole are in terrible danger, but slowly they learn to help one another, survive the bumpy journey, and live happily ever after on the Wrekin, the hill that the giant made.

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