Adam and his pact with the Devil, will he survive?

26th February 2017

This is a novel about a battle between Adam and his pact with the Devil and Adam’s search for Eve. The title I’ve chosen is Snakeskin and Failed Feathers and is a humorous look at the battle between good and evil, with the Devil the more charismatic character. Now a failed soul saver, and sent to rescue a herbalist from burning, Adam has made a pact with the Devil. But will he keep it and will Adam survive?

This is for the creative writing MA course at the Open University. The work has been very demanding at times, and on other occasions not demanding enough. All students are at different stages of development and hopefully learn from each other. Is is strange at first  to act as critic to each other, but most people are beginning to accept this criticism and learn from it. Have recently sent in part of the first chapter of this book, for peer criticism, and I shall be interested to post the comments here at a later date! I do hope some of the comments are positive…

Writing again, after my heart attack, brought on  by a hectic house move, is a great relief.

Pleased to be back in Shrewsbury. So many childhood memories. Just love the walks along the river in all seasons and can’t  wait for Spring. The daffodils are beginning to appear and the snowdrops have been glorious. Looking forward to the Easter break, rather like being back at school, although no longer teaching. Shall hopefully spend some time working on ‘River Dark’ and getting to know the congregation at the delightful small church of St. Giles. In the Middle Ages, all churches with this name were built beyond the town walls, for they were involved with the care of people with leprosy.