Soon be Halloween!

21st August 2019

Thin Time 
Weird Things Begin to Happen – Chapter One (continued from the previous post).

If I’d gone straight home from school it wouldn’t have happened, but after my mum died, and my dad married again, home wasn’t the same any more.  Now I had a stepmother and a five-year-old stepbrother, and he followed me around all day and wouldn’t leave me alone.
Then my stepmother started shouting at me for nothing.  Whatever I did made her cross.  So I did things to annoy her, and that got me into loads more trouble, and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did, a lot worse!
It was after school at Halloween that the weird things began to happen.  It was one of those dull boring days at the end of October, and our classroom lights had been on all day.  The room was hot and stuffy, making me feel sleepy, and the windows had steamed up.  I rubbed a round patch on the cold glass, looked out, and in the fading light saw a spooky mist creeping across the fields and into the playground.  It would be a brilliant night to be out knocking on neighbours’ doors and shouting trick or treat!
When the bell went for the end of lessons, my friends were pushing and shoving each other in the cloakroom, struggling into their anoraks and eager to be off home.  I hung back, watching them as they hurried into the yard.  They were calling to each other and I should have been with them, joining in the fun.  Why couldn’t things stay the same?  Now I had to wait for my stepbrother Thomas and take him home…
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